Appleshaw St Peter's

Church of England Primary School

The Tempest: A Review

Appleshaw St Peter’s wowed the audience at The Lights Theatre, Andover with their exceptional performance of Shakespeare’s: The Tempest. Ranging from 9-11 years old, this talented cast made the audience smile and laugh with their portrayal of this story of magic, love and disaster! 
William Sawtell (Prospero), played one of the lead roles and delivered his lines with clarity and personality leaving the audience believing that he was wronged man! Freddie Mouat (King Alonso) portrayed this character superbly. His fellow classmates were surprised by his acting ability - who knew that he would play a grumpy old man so well!
The storyline was full of surprises, narrated superbly by the spirits and lords who provided the audience with the details. It was phenomenal how all the pupils knew when to enter and exit the stage and remembered to remain in character even when they stood still. Amazingly, some of the pupils had not considered acting before but it revealed hidden talents that not even the teacher could have predicted. ‘I was shocked at Oliver (Antonio) and Jonty (Sebastien) in how menacing they were! I certainly would not want to make an enemy of them."
One member of the audience was in stitches watching the drunken antics of Stephano (Oliver.W), Trinculo (Isla.K) and Caliban (Ruby). Their movement about the stage was very life-like!
Although hard work, it was an incredibly emotional experience that will be etched on the minds of these young people forever. The sassy Miranda, played by Emma Hickton stated: ‘It was such a thrill to be up on the stage. When everyone clapped there was a rush of achievement running through me.’ 
The Shakespeare Schools Foundation were full or praise and compared them favourably to the other schools. ‘We have never known a school to include live singing but this was a fantastic end to the show.’ It’s a MUST WATCH folks!