Leave of Absence

While we expect 100% attendance for all our pupils we understand that pupils do have bouts of illness and need time off school to recover. Some pupils also from time to time need to attend special events and therefore time off school may be requested.

It is our policy, in line with guidance from Hampshire Local Authority and statutory guidance form the Department for Education not to authorise any absence from school except in ‘exceptional circumstances’.  This means that most holidays taken during term time will be unauthorised and potentially subject to a fine.

Please do not book holidays during term time. If you feel there is an exceptional reason why your child needs time off school then you will need to complete a form available from the school office. A further meeting with me may be necessary. 


If your child is sick then please phone the school office (01264 772210) as soon as possible.

If you require to take your child out of school during term time, all requests should be made in writing using the following form:-

Leave of Absence Request Form

Thank you.