Appleshaw St Peter's

Church of England Primary School

UN Climate Justice Ambassadors

Six students from our school attended a Plant for the Planet Academy on 13th March to train as Climate Justice Ambassadors.

Plant-for-the-Planet was initiated by 9-year-old Felix Finkbeiner from Germany in 2007.  Inspired by Wangari Maathai, who planted 30 million trees in Africa in 30 years, Felix formulated his vision that 'Children could plant one million trees in every country on earth and thereby offset CO2 emissions all on their own, while adults are still talking about doing it.' Since then it has become a UN sponsored initiative with the aim of planting 1000 billion trees, all led by children. 

Dottie, Alicia, William, Sophie, Florence and Isla spent the day being trained by children and found out about the impact of global warming and how planting trees can make a difference. They also planted some trees of their own and formed an action plan to consider how they were going to make a difference in the future.