Appleshaw St Peter's

Church of England Primary School

The Great Outdoors (science, geography & outdoor learning)

We are blessed with extensive and mature school grounds. We therefore aim to make as much use of them as possible to enhance pupils' learning.

Most of the Key Stage 1 and Foundation stage curriculum has direct links to the outdoors. We teach pupils about the local environment, the plants and animals that depend upon it and how it changes over time. We use an enquiry-led approach to stimulate pupil's interests and encourage them to further their own learning. 

In Key Stage 2 wherever possible we use the outdoors to enhance our science learning. This may be in the study of plants or rocks and fossils, habitats or inheritance. 

Throughout all units of work pupils are encouraged to think and work scientifically. This means posing a question, controlling variables, collecting and recording data and presenting findings.

A significant element of the geography curriculum is of course linked to the environment in which the pupils live. In Year R and Key Stage 1 pupils develop their understanding of the local area, the UK and study a contrasting place within it. In Key Stage 2 pupils extend this knowledge to Europe and the wider world. They will study a region of the UK, a region of a European country and a region within North or South America.  They will learn about physical features of landscapes and about how humans have influenced them over time, including learning about economic activity and the distribution of natural resources.