Appleshaw St Peter's

Church of England Primary School


Language is at the heart of our development as successful adults in the world. We aim to provide children with a rich language experience during their time at Appleshaw from early language development in Year R to the manipulation of language to excite, engage, interest and influence others in Year 6. 

All pupils will receive an appropriate balance of speaking & listening opportunities, phonics, reading and writing teaching. 

In Years R, 1 & 2 systematic synthetic phonics is taught daily using the Letters and Sounds (  scheme as our core but also using other schemes where appropriate. Pupils are assessed on a regular basis to ensure that their provision is carefully matched to their level of development. Appropriate intervention is provided for pupils who are not meeting age-expectations. 

During Year 2 and then throughout Key Stage 2 children are taught spelling rules using the No Nonsense Spelling scheme ( We encourage an investigative approach to learning spelling as we believe this leads to a greater understanding. We assess the pupils at least annually using a diagnostic spelling test. Pupils who are not meeting age expectations are tested more regularly and additional spelling sessions are provided in order that they catch up.