Appleshaw St Peter's

Church of England Primary School

Mathematical Understanding

Maths is part of the daily experience of pupils at Appleshaw. From learning the basics of the number system, to applying their knowledge to complex problem solving pupils are taught to be confident, independent users of mathematics. 

Some elements of the maths curriculum are taught daily such as basic numbers facts, counting and ordering, whilst others will be taught weekly (i.e. problem solving) or in units (for example data handling). 

Pupils are assessed regularly to ensure that they are keeping pace with the curriculum. Support and extension sessions are built in to learning to allow all children to achieve and reach their potential.

We subscribe to the Mathletics scheme which is an online program for the whole school that allows pupils to practise their number facts and speed of recall in a fun way. There is a link to the Mathletics website on the Pupils section of this website.