Appleshaw St Peter's

Church of England Primary School

Computer Science and Design Technology


Computer science (as opposed to Digital Literacy) is to do with pupils' understanding of how technology works rather than just being consumers of it. Our computer science learning is enhanced by our well-provisioned IT suite and bank of laptops and Chromebooks. 

In Years R-2, pupils will begin to explore simple programming, create and debug simple algorithms and programs and predict the behaviour of simple programs.

In Years 3-6 this is extended through the introduction of more complex programming software such as Scratch and Python. Pupils will create their own programs which they will test, evaluate and debug. 

Sitting alongside this pupils will develop their understanding of search engines such as Google and how they work as well as being taught e-safety. 

We want our pupils to be confident users of technology but also have a good understanding of how technology works. Some of our pupils may go on to become expert programmers in the future!

Design Technology (DT) involves a range of skills and subject areas such as problem solving, mathematics, science, art and engineering. DT is taught usually in blocked units so that pupils can immerse themselves in the subject and work over a short but intense period of time to a satisfying project. Where possible pupils' learning in DT is linked to their topic work.