Appleshaw St Peter's

Church of England Primary School

Behaviour Principles

At Appleshaw St. Peter’s Primary School, we believe that all members of the school community should be happy, and secure working together in a safe structured environment based on trust and mutual respect. We will promote good behaviour  through being clear, encouraging good behaviour and giving positive feedback when pupils are behaving appropriately.

Aims and Principles

We will:

  • provide a vibrant, stimulating and structured environment and curriculum;
  • provide consistency in strategies and approach;
  • encourage children to develop independence and take responsibility for their own actions;
  • involve parents and encourage their partnership;
  • maintain and build upon children’s self-esteem;
  • define and model appropriate behaviour throughout the curriculum;
  • ensure that appropriate behaviour is recognised and rewarded;
  • encourage mutual respect with due regard to Christian moral values;
  • have due regard for our policy for equal opportunities.
  1. GoodBehaviourPolicy (inc anti-bullying) Feb 2018