Appleshaw St Peter's

Church of England Primary School

SIAMS Inspection

Mr Andrew Rickett inspected the school under four key areas: Christian Character, Collective Worship, Religious Education and Leadership and Management. The overall judgement, reached through reading various documents provided by the school, lesson observations and discussions with the Headteacher, staff, pupils, parents and governors, was that we are an OUTSTANDING church school. 

The key aspects identified were:

  • An explicit Christian vision brings purpose and meaning to the lives of children and adults in the school community and makes a significant contribution to their spiritual development.
  • Acts of worship provide regular opportunities for children to learn about Bible stories that they relate to their own lives and experiences.
  • The commitment of leaders and managers to the Christian ethos ensures that it is continually developing to meet the needs of children.

We are obviously very proud of the outcome which recognises the consistent and persistent hard work that goes into making Appleshaw St Peter's a special place to work and learn at.

Our next targets for development are:

  • Develop assessment of religious education (RE) so that regular tracking of children’s progress identifies areas for improvement that contribute to raising standards.
  • Ensure that children’s progress throughout the year in RE is captured through innovative approaches to assessment.
  • Develop the impact of the school’s core Christian values so that reach beyond the immediate school community and contribute to sustainable support for local, national and international organisations

We look forward to improving our school even further over the coming weeks, months and years. 

You can read the full report by clicking the link below. 

  1. Final SIAMs Report March 2017